Preliminary Schurmann Family Tree
(Schledehausen, Germany, April 2019)

Ellernhof Farm, Painting 1969

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welcome to this family tree of the Schürmann (Schurmann, Schuermann, Shurman, Sherman ...) Family. Many people with this name find their family roots in the North West of Germany -- this tree refers to those Schürmann descendants originating from the Ellernhof Farm at Ellerbeck, Schledehausen (today Bissendorf, near Osnabrück, Lower Saxony).

This website is "preliminary" as most of its details have not been cross checked or updated. It is based on previous CD verions between the 1990s und early 2000s by Trevor Nagorka in Victoria, Australia and other Australian and German family members. More recent updates since about 2017 have focussed on two sons of the family, Johann Adam Schürmann (John Adam Shurman) und Clamor Wilhelm Schürmann, who went as missionaries in the 1830s to Northern India and South Australia respectively. This edition of the family tree has been compiled in April 2019 by Gerhard Rüdiger in South Australia, who is involved in Aboriginal language reclamation and revival programs based on the initial language recordings by Clamor Schümann and his colleagues in the 1840s.

For technical reasons, this version of the Family Tree contains no images of people or places. Unfortunately, however, you may notice technical issues in the display of information. "A "Gedcom" file of this collection is available for further research; please accept that it is not yet in a condition for "normal users. We apologise!

We also like to ask you to please refrain from visiting the Ellernhof Farm on your own; today, its is home for people with disabilities. For further details, please contact Jan Schürmann, at Ellerbeck in Germany (Email address see in the lefthand navigation).

Now enjoy the information in this family tree, and what you can find! If you would like to suggest changes, please contact Jan Schümann

Jan Schürmann and Gerhard Rüdiger


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