Use of this Website

As mentioned, this website will serve as a research notebook. I intend to collect in some organised manner information of all sorts and accessible from different places regarding the wider story of the encounter between the Aboriginal peoples in South Australia and the four German Lutheran missionaries.

At the time of writing (November 2014), this Website is still under construction and will remain so for some time to come.  I am in the process of including texts and documents that I have produced in the past and will then work more systematically at individual sections.  This website will also include "other topics" marginally related to my core research.

Please be aware that what you find here is notes or quotes only, NOT necessarily a systematically researched and balanced summary of the story, or elements of it. While you may make use of the information, this website will change frequently in both structure and content.

I also ask you to respect the ownership of the material presented here and its private nature in parts.  
I can not be held responsible for the content of Websites to which I have linked. These links are for your further information.  When selected, the remote websites contained content relevant to this project.

The original sources of images and documents are identified, as much as possible.  Where identification is missing, please let me know if you are aware of more detail.

Documents containing private information relevant to the respective family only, have either been excluded or summarised.

As a German migrant to Australia in 2006, English is my second language.  Please let me know of errors or if passages can not be understood sufficiently well.  Thank you.

This website does not collect visitor information other than what you provide voluntarily.

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