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After about seven years of part-time research around the story of the four German "Dresden Missionaries" and their encounter with Aboriginal communities in the early days of the colony of South Australia, I felt I needed a place to publish my findings rather than storing them in folders and bookshelves.  As this is a private initiative with no funding and structural support, it has always been and will continue to be, slow-pace going to get the pieces and bits together. 

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Internet Search

This website utilises the Internet for the publication of my research regarding the story of the encounter between the Kaurna and other Aboriginal peoples in South Australia, and the four German missionaries who worked here between late 1838 and about the early 1850s.  They would have never dreamed of anything remotely possible for the exchange of information, given their communication with Europe needed about six months or more for a message to return. But neither did I expect ever to get involved in a historical research project that partially relies on sources made available on the Web.

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John Adam Shurman, missionary in India

Apart from the set of articles included in the main section of this website, I have commenced developing it by collecting material about, and by, the German missionary John Adam Shurman ([JAS], Johann Adam Schürmann, 1809-1852).  This at least warrants an answer to the question, Why?

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