Places: Kaurna Country (South Australia)

Photo Gallery: Kaurna ~ Pirltawardli (SA)

Pirltawardli (Former Native Location), North Adelaide (Northern banks of Torrens Lake), South Australia: Overlooking Torrens River gorge West of the Torrens weir.

"Pirltawardli" (or in the old Kaurna Language spelling: "Piltawodli") is the name for the Adelaide City Council park No 11 ], at the northern banks of the Lake Torrens and between the northern railway line and the War Memorial Road, bordering North Adelaide.  Today all of this park land is used by a golf course. 

In the early days of the South Australian colony, this area was known as the "Native Location".  Initially selected by the local Kaurna people, possibly because of its water source and the surrounding Gum trees, it became the heart of the early discourse and encounter between the missionaries, the colonial "Aboriginal Protector", and the local Aboriginal people we now know as "Kaurna".

In 2000, after an initiative by local Aboriginal people, academics and church representatives, the present boulders with plaques were established.  As they are situated at the Southern edge of the Golf Course, and behind its car park, not many people notice the memorial or are aware of the significance of this site for the Kaurna Community and people related with the Kaurna Language reclamation and revival.  In 2013, the University of Adelaide initiated a commemoration of the 175 years arrival of the first two of four German Lutheran missionaries at this place, with strong representation by the Kaurna people.

Photo Gallery: Pirltawardli (© G. Ruediger, 4 March 2011)

  1. For more information on the naming of the Adelaide City Council parks in the Kaurna Language, please visit the Kaurna Warra Pintyanti (KWP) website, here (with sound files). [ ▲ ]

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