500 Years Ellernhof Farm in Ellerbeck  »

By Jana Cordes (nee Schürmann)

[On the weekend 31.8./1.9.2012, about 100 people from all around the world gathered in Schledehausen to celebrate the 500-year anniversary of the first known mentioning of the Schürmann family and their farm in Ellerbeck.  Family members and friends came from Germany, Australia, the United States, and from India and other places. Jana Cordes, a local historian and daughter of Gudrun and Jan Schürmann, the only direct Schürmann descendants living close to their old farmstead, presented a keynote paper which is translated below.  A revised version will be published by the "Verein für Geschichte und Landeskunde von Osnabrück" (Association for the History and Culture of Osnabrueck) in their annual journal "Osnabrücker Mitteilungen" vol. 20/2015.]

The “Schürmann” Name  »

Since late medieval times, the given name of a person was supplemented by a family name. A sophisticated naming system became necessary for the state and church administrations to identify its citizens and to indicate family ties in times of an increasing population, trade and mobility.

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