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Welcome to the "Boomerang Tour" Germany 2015 Website!

Your borwser has brought you to a link page only, but we are happy that you can visit our website again. Just before Christmas 2015, unfortunately, the ISP database server for the original Wordpress Blog crashed and let to the loss of our Website (and many others).

PandoraMiraculously, per date of 19 June 2015, Finke River Mission as one of the main sponsors of the "Boomerang Tour" had registered the website with the PANDORA Archive of the National Library of Australia who copied the entire Wordpress website and made it available through their servers. Unfortunately, we can not reconstruct the old website, but you will find its complete content on the Pandora server.

If you don't select one of the links below,
this website will be forwared to the PANDORA Archive server within 5 minutes:

Quote The PANDORA Archive is a selective collection of web publications and websites relating to Australia and Australians. It includes materials that document the cultural, social, political life and activities of the Australian community and intellectual and expressive activities of Australians. ...

You may be first directed to a PANDORA Archive info page and need to click on the link provided. Once on the website, all other links will function as normal, however, on the PANDORA Archive server.

These are the main sections of the "Desert Choir 2015" Wordpress Blog:

The tour images, video clips and the recording of the Choir performance in the Ansbach Cathedral can be found through the following link, organised by events:


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