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The Opposite of Love …

I have not been online here for a long time — and there are many reasons of which I may tell you one day.

Tonight I watched the last few minutes of an interesting documentary on Australias NITV (the National Indigenous Television), “Standing on Sacred Ground“.  In this four-part documentary series, native people share ecological wisdom and spiritual reverence while battling a utilitarian view of land in the form of government megaprojects, consumer culture, and resource extraction as well as competing religions and climate change.1 ] In the last couple of minutes, the author Barry Lopez is being interviewed:

Most of the time when you ask people, “What is the opposite of love?”, they will say hate. But the opposite of love is indifference. People are indifferent to the Earth. What we have in front of us in an enterprise to repair indifference on a vast scale and turn it into a loving relationship.2 ]

This is a remarkable statement.Indeed, you can’t really “hate” nature, rather than another person or a natural feature.  But by being indifferent to either of them, human beings or nature, I don’t care — in essence, I don’t love.

As a migrant I have left my turf in Germany to live in Australia, but here having worked with Aboriginal people I have had the chance to see them “come back” – to their country.

I have to get the chance to watch the full documentary!


  1. Synopses [top]
  2. Transcript, p30 (pdf). [top]

Welcome to “Twenty Thirteen”

… and the hottest day since 2009:  45°C.  According to “adelaide now“, the local (Murdoch) online news service, this record was hit at 3:40pm this afternoon, coupled with a “catastrophic” bush fire danger and a fire already out of control on the south side of .

[

A tree re-grows

Across my bus stop, on the busy Lower North East Road, Campbelltown, just outside the Italian Aged Care Centre, a tree seems to be re-growing.  Two years ago, or so, the Council planted trees along the curbs all over the suburb, and so they did here.  I pass this place quite often to catch the bus into the city centre, and one day I saw that the young tree had been broken, the trunk still sticking at the roots in the ground.  Some weeks later, it was only the trunk that remained on the side walk, and a small stump in the ground.

The other day, in the middle of the Australian summer, I saw that small branches were trying to spring to life and I was wondering whether they would survive.  But even during the heat wave of the past few weeks over the summer holidays, they continue growing.

So I ponder if, and how, this little tree will survive — and what it is telling me!?