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Category "Lay Preaching"

Lay Preaching

This blog section summarises my commitment in lay preaching and provides access to my sermons and meditations, and to preaching resources.

For many years now, I have been invited once in a while as a lay and relief preacher:  by my own home church in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, by local congregations and overseas, and now here in Australia by local congregations.  Some of my more recent sermons can be found in this Blog section.

If you would like to invite me as well, feel free to do so and contact me via Email <info /at/>. [Read more »]

Sermon ~ “Come!”

Matthew 14:22-33
Uniting Church of Australia,
Mount Barker SA

13 August 2017


Lake Galilee, looking towards Bashan, Israel. Coloured litho.

I was a young lad, when it all happened. Nobody took much notice of me, but I was around and could hear and see. My uncles and older brothers were fishermen, and they often took me along as a helper.

Amongst these strong men, I did not need much space in the fishing boat, so skinny was I then. I lived with my family near the lake; we called it כנרת ים, Jam Kinneret, or Lake Galilee. It is a remarkable lake, full of fish, good water, almost like a paradise with nice beaches, and when you look at it from the mountains, it seems to be endless. [Read more »]

Sermon ~ “freely you have received, freely give”

Matthew 9:35-10:8, (9-23)
Geranium Uniting Church SA
18 June 2017


When I first visited Australia — in 1992 — I was impressed by your hospitality. This is still true today: A barbecue at the house of my sister in law:  whenever I drop in there, sometimes unannounced and with visitors to show them true-blue Aussie life, there’ll be a cup of tea and, if possible, something to eat. For me, coming from crowded Germany where many people live in small apartments, a meal in the backyard is just something special. Even more so as it offers the opportunity to sit and talk and get to know each other.

There is something fascinating having people visiting you, even strangers from other places: All of a sudden, the world is coming to you, and you can sit on your porch and learn something new. It is like an unexpected gift that the visitors leave behind. [Read more »]

Lay Preaching — Links

Since my Theological studies in the 1980s (a loooong time ago) I have been preaching frequently in my various roles as “Gemeindediakon” (Parish Deacon) or in other related project positions in international Ecumenical, Development and Mission relations between churches in Germany and overseas, and now, once in a while, here in South Australia.  A separate blog page links to selected sermons, but this page is dedicated to link resource websites which I found helpful for lay preachers.  It is mainly meant to serve me in my worship ministry and for sermon preparations.  Many of these websites offer special pages with links to other liturgy or sermon resources. [Read more »]